[49] Advisories
1999-1405AIX Snap command password vulnerability109
2013-0415Insecure /tmp file use solaris 10 patch cluster for sparc614
2014-2322Remote Command Injection in Arabic Prawn 0.0.1 Ruby Gem7.516
2013-1495Oracle Auto Service Request /tmp file clobbering vulnerability6.918
2013-7111Bio Basespace SDK 0.1.7 Ruby Gem exposes API Key via command line522
2004-1833Borland's InterBase 7.1 poor Password Data File Permissions and Password Hash7.524
2003-0498 2003-0497Cache Database Poor File Permissions Lead To Local Root7.226
2012-6348Centrify Deployment Manager v2.1.0.283 local root3.329
2013-1875Remote command execution in Ruby Gem Command Wrap7.533
2000-0588 2000-0589Arbitrary file read & weak password encryption flower fire sawmill v5.0.21537
2010-1183Solaris Recommended Patch Cluster 6/19 local root on x863.338
2001-0095Solaris 2.7/2.8 catman Temp File Vulnerability1.239
2010-1183File clobbering vulnerability in latest Solaris 10 patch cluster3.340
2013-0415Oracle Solaris Bind/Postinstall script for Bind package local root641
2001-0176Voyant Sonata doroot command vulnerability7.243
2002-0211local root during installation of Tarantella Enterprise 36.244
2002-0296Another local root during installation of Tarantella Enterprise 31.245
2013-2090Remote command Injection in Creme Fraiche 0.6 Ruby Gem9.348
2013-1878 2013-2617Curl Ruby Gem Remote command execution7.549
2013-5671Remote Command Injection in fog-dragonfly-0.8.2 Ruby Gem7.554
2006-5163IBM Informix File Clobbering during Install3.657
2013-2561OpenFabrics ibutils 1.5.7 /tmp clobbering vulnerability6.358
1999-0765Irix Midikeys local root Vulnerability 1060
2013-1933Remote Command Injection Karteek Docsplit
2013-1947Remote command injection in Ruby Gem kelredd-pruview
2013-1911Remote command execution ldoce
2013-2562 2013-2565 2013-2563 2013-2564Mambo CMS vulnerabilities2.175
2013-2616 2013-1877 MiniMagic ruby gem remote code execution7.576
2001-1066insecure temp file creation during installation of Netscape 62.177
2013-7086Command injection in Ruby Gem Webbynode
2001-1481 Xitami Webserver clear text password storage Vulnerability1080
2002-2210OpenOffice 1.0.1 Race condition during installation6.283
2014-1233paratrooper-pingdom-1.0.0 ruby gem exposes API login credentials2.185
2014-1234Paratrooper-newrelic 1.0.1 Ruby Gem exposes API key2.186
2008-0525PatchLink Update Unix Client File clobbering vulnerability4.687
2008-0525Patchlink local root for HP-UX Shutdown and reboot4.688
2013-5655Vulnerabilities in YingZhi Python Programming Language for iOS6.494
2013-4203Rgpg 0.2.2 Ruby Gem Remote Command Injection7.595
2003-0265SAP Database Local Root Vulnerability During Installation6.298
2013-2105Show In Browser 0.0.3 Ruby Gem /tmp file injection vulnerability3.3100
2013-5647Command Injection in Ruby Gem Sounder 1.0.1 7.5101
2014-2888Remote Command Injection in Ruby Gem sfpagent
2013-6421Command Injection in Ruby Gem Sprout 0.7.2467.5103
2002-2389Fastlink Software's TheServer http server clear text password5105
2002-2389thttpd-2.25b htpasswd Vulnerabilities5106
2013-1898Thumbshooter 0.1.5 remote code execution7.5107
2014-2040Persistent XSS in Media File Renamer v1.7.02.1109
2014-3123Persistent XSS in NextCellent Gallery 1.9.13 WordPress plugin2.1111
2014-8334 2014-8335Vulnerabilities in WordPress Database Manager v2.7.16.5113